Why Architects make Fine Developers

An architect plays a significant role in the real estate space. Architects are capable of taking stock of the design and development process. Architectural services offered during development sums up to a small percentage of the total project value. Some argue that architecture is at the bottom of the pyramid when we are looking at the financial structure. When considering contractors, developers, subcontractors, clients, we realize that architects take on themselves great responsibility and receive low compensation. When added to the stress of being unable to command a project entirely it becomes vivid why many architects are unable to get into real estate or transform their offices into design builds.

The trend might be in its early stages, but it indicates an emancipatory change is going forward. This trend will see more architects take greater responsibility and curve themselves a niche in the industry. Nevertheless, with this new sense of ambition, comes new challenges. Coming up with a project from scratch needs a set of business expertise which might be taught in architectural school. The question remains whether architecture can bridge this divide when it comes to the specifics of actual project development. Briefly described are a proof architect’s taking up the role of developers.



building jobUnderstanding the Building Process

Throughout their education, architects learn about design and building construction. This is accompanied by direct project management experience which encompasses various roles. The roles range from leading project teams to administering construction contracts. All this is done by negotiating with contractors and clients on their monitoring and scheduling processes. This varied experience ensures that architects can complete their construction on schedule and under budget. Apart from the general skillset acquired, architects develop expertise in various niches.


Quality Output Increasing Market Value

The expertise provided by architects significantly impacts the financial value of any given project. For instance, sustainable features on the design area property value raiser. In real estate marketing, the selling pitch focusses on the features that are special and unique. More people today consider high-performance properties to be energy efficient, resulting in a liking for design certifications that are green-centered. This significantly raises the selling price of a given home. Apart from getting the right certifications, architects know how to make incredible structures on limited spaces. A broader strategy can be employed when reconciling profitmaking to achieve social change and increase the quality of life over time. More architects are working as property developers and are hiring creative and innovative solutions. The new approach involves solutions that developers usually reject or overlook.


condominiumKnowledge of Cities

During their training, architects learn the fundamentals of placemaking rather than creating environmentally detached objects. Architects developers are trained to consider how projects sit and relate within any given context. This guarantees their survival long-term and how it will benefit the client, surrounding neighborhood, and the architect’s career. An architect can identify real potential in a vacant plot that does not seem valuable to a passerby. For instance, Cresford-based architect-developers have developed a profitable business model through strategic developments.…

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Factors Considered When Choosing a Realtor In Canada

You should always look for a reputable realtor when buying or selling your home. Many people avoid paying a commission by skipping the middlemen. Working with a professional, experienced realtor can help you in garnering the best deal. He or she can help you in selling or buying a property quickly. You can get a reputable professional by considering the options available. The following are the guiding factors that can help you in choosing an experienced realtor:

Price Range and Prior Experience


Looking at the part experience of a candidate and their price range can greatly help you in screening your candidate. Price range refers to the prices of properties that they commonly sell. Checking the local listings can help you in getting the best agents. By so doing, you can see the agents who are selling homes which are similar to yours. This is what reflects their experience level and ability in the properties that have that price range. In addition to this, it is important to check the realtor’s prior experience. This is done by asking for references including colleagues, former clients, and friends.

Location! Location!

Local realtors are highly recommended. You should work with a realtor who is close to the area where you are selling your property. Professionals who are local to the Canadian neighborhood have a better understating of the Canadian home/ realtor estate market. This means that there will be less commuting. Realtors who are readily available can help you in quick selling your property. It is therefore critical to think local.

Type of Realtor

There are different classes of realtors that homeowners can work with. Most of the conventional realtors act on behalf of homeowners as the seller. They can represent the sellers to negotiate on their behalf. They can also suggest terms. On the other hand, dual agents act as both sellers and buyers.

Interviewing Several Realtors

interview -discussion

Whether you are buying or selling or a home, it is worth to speak to some professionals before choosing one. Apart from the services, offered, a reliable professional should have a good rapport. Again, you should build a strong relationship with your realtor.

Asking About Their Services

Highly trained realtors should be capable of speaking confidently about the types of services they offer. Most of them offer similar services. The way the services are implemented can help you in differentiating between a great realtor and a good one.…

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Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Purchasing a Condo

Are you planning to buy a condo in Canada? This is an exciting time for making such an investment. Buyers should be very careful not to make mistakes when purchasing these units. Ideally, you should avoid jumping into something that you are not sure of. Real estate is not a fool’s game. Investors should switch strategies and become more diligent for them to be successful. Real estate involves making decisions based on past success or performance.

Fear of Uncertainty


To be honest, the Canadian real estate is booming. Nearly all the investors are interested in getting their pieces of pie before it is too late. Many people fear missing out of this lucrative business. However, you should not get involved in this business because of the soaring prices or because everyone is purchasing real estate. Many people who do this end up becoming poor or stretching their budget, thereby becoming poor. You should avoid taking unnecessary mortgages that you have not planned for. You should always stick to your budget and avoid buying unplanned items or properties.

Building Over Location

Location is considered to be very important when it comes to real estate. Buyers should invest in homes that have better locations. Ultimately, the location will always win. Known what is going on around that area is also important. For instance, it is wise to buy a property on the eastern side of Vancouver.

Failure to Get Pre-Approval

This is a great deal. The Canadian real estate market has been moving very quickly. You should act quickly once find a good home. Getting pre-approval will help you in getting a property that you can afford. Investors should avoid wasting time speaking to mortgagee brokers before getting pre-approved.

Being Carried Away by New Homes

new condos

This is something that happens now and then. Most buyers are known for falling in love or getting carried away with newly renovated homes that look new and sparky. Buyers are advised to buy homes that match their criteria. Some investors are known for using cheap materials, some of which too good to untrained eyes. This is a quick cover-up that every buyer should avoid.

No Buyers Presentation

Investors who are planning to buy condos should always be represented. They can do this working with experienced realtors. buyers are advised to look for professionals whom they can trust. This will make sure that you are exclusively represented during the purchasing process.…

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