Why Architects make Fine Developers

An architect plays a significant role in the real estate space. Architects are capable of taking stock of the design and development process. Architectural services offered during development sums up to a small percentage of the total project value. Some argue that architecture is at the bottom of the pyramid when we are looking at the financial structure. When considering contractors, developers, subcontractors, clients, we realize that architects take on themselves great responsibility and receive low compensation. When added to the stress of being unable to command a project entirely it becomes vivid why many architects are unable to get into real estate or transform their offices into design builds.

The trend might be in its early stages, but it indicates an emancipatory change is going forward. This trend will see more architects take greater responsibility and curve themselves a niche in the industry. Nevertheless, with this new sense of ambition, comes new challenges. Coming up with a project from scratch needs a set of business expertise which might be taught in architectural school. The question remains whether architecture can bridge this divide when it comes to the specifics of actual project development. Briefly described are a proof architect’s taking up the role of developers.



building jobUnderstanding the Building Process

Throughout their education, architects learn about design and building construction. This is accompanied by direct project management experience which encompasses various roles. The roles range from leading project teams to administering construction contracts. All this is done by negotiating with contractors and clients on their monitoring and scheduling processes. This varied experience ensures that architects can complete their construction on schedule and under budget. Apart from the general skillset acquired, architects develop expertise in various niches.


Quality Output Increasing Market Value

The expertise provided by architects significantly impacts the financial value of any given project. For instance, sustainable features on the design area property value raiser. In real estate marketing, the selling pitch focusses on the features that are special and unique. More people today consider high-performance properties to be energy efficient, resulting in a liking for design certifications that are green-centered. This significantly raises the selling price of a given home. Apart from getting the right certifications, architects know how to make incredible structures on limited spaces. A broader strategy can be employed when reconciling profitmaking to achieve social change and increase the quality of life over time. More architects are working as property developers and are hiring creative and innovative solutions. The new approach involves solutions that developers usually reject or overlook.


condominiumKnowledge of Cities

During their training, architects learn the fundamentals of placemaking rather than creating environmentally detached objects. Architects developers are trained to consider how projects sit and relate within any given context. This guarantees their survival long-term and how it will benefit the client, surrounding neighborhood, and the architect’s career. An architect can identify real potential in a vacant plot that does not seem valuable to a passerby.…

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